Its difficult to say when the first Tabby British Shorthair appeared, but we do know that one of Weirs Blue Tabby British Shorthairs won Best in Show at a cat show.

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Last on the list of British Shorthair breeders in Colorado is Furever Felines Cattery. com.



com. 550. May 20, 2023 Sweet and beautiful rare color British Shorthair girl, sapphire blue eyes, amazing personality.


. The most popular color is the British Blue which looks blue-gray and has copper eyes. CREAM (BSH e) Coat Colour - Pale-toned cream, neither red nor fawn.

Phone Number (970) 581-8062. SMOKE a genetically silver, non-agouti tabby variety of British Shorthair.

They like to be held and always enjoy being with people.


. Head tends to be more angular, and eyes are more almond shaped.

All British Shorthair silver tabbies. Apr 15, 2023 British Shorthairs with tabby markings can come in several different colors, including red, brown, blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, blue silver, black silver, chocolate silver, and lilac silver.

Plush and round, parents have best pedigree linage.
This breeder focuses on breeding purebred British Longhair and Shorthair of silver and golden shaded colors with blue and green eyes.

Ready to goTwo Beautiful Britishshorthair silver tabby girl.


We have adorable blue British Shorthair kittens, they will be available in July. . Like with other British cats, Chinchilla British Shorthairs have full jowls, a muscular neck, and a large cat head.

. Red, blue, cream, silver, and brown British Shorthair tabby cats with white. The legs are thick and strong. . WA, US. Clear coats are preferred but there may be ghost markings of one of the tabby patterns.

11 Weeks.

We are a small cattery. Email imaginecattery48gmail.

Best British Shorthair Alter Of The Year IW BW SGCA BY DESIGN SWAGGER BLUID BLUE Owner KATHLEEN D TOMAS Breeder.

The breed looks like what she originally was, a cat that was to keep rodents out of the barn and the house.

Cho British Shorthair Kitten Ready Now.

4-month-old golden shaded male kitten.

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