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1. To authorize the specific AP, click to select the FAP entry, then click Authorize button on the top of the table or Authorize entry in the pop-out menu. Configuring the network interface for the AP unit.

A FortiAP with the factory default configuration has various ways of acquiring an ACs IP address to reach it.

2) If FortiAP firmware image is correct, try. Configure this to make a log file (see article in field. A FortiAP can belong to no more than one FortiAP Group.

85246 2 (replace the serial number and IP address of the FortiAP) di de console timestamp en di de application cwacd 0x7ff di de en. The FortiAP attempts to be discovered in the below ways sequentially within an endless.

One FortiAP.


set vdom "root". Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > Managed FortiAPs.

FortiAP connection issues. This article describes how to check why FortiAP got offline from FortiGate.

If the unit is still missing after a minute or two, power cycle the FortiAP unit and try again.
set schedule "always".

Jan 12, 2020 Discovering a FortiAP unit.

The following options are available from the toolbar and right-click menu Add an AP.

Thanks in advance. If the unit is still missing after a minute or two, power cycle the FortiAP unit and try again. 024 is configured.

. Through the VLAN pool feature, a FortiAP Group can be associated with a VLAN to which WiFi clients will be assigned. 4. This section contains topics to help troubleshoot the FortiOS wireless controller and FortiAP units. Current Behavior. FortiAP OS Version.

FortiAP devices can be managed from the content pane below the quick status bar on the AP Manager > Managed APs pane.

Posted by ilyaspa on Aug 10th, 2016 at 933 PM. When a FortiAP is being controlled by a FortiGate unit, following procedure can be used to access to the FortiAP via telnet session - Connect to the FortiGate via SSH session using PuTTy.

A FortiAP Group can include only one model of FortiAP.


The auto-auth-extension-device setting is disabled by factory default.


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