Italy (1930-2011) Priest, Mystic, and Founder of The Marian Movement of Priests.

Order a Blue Book To the Priests, Our Ladies Beloved Sons contains 604 messages allegedly dictated by the Blessed Mother to Fr. .

Gobbi Rev.

Therefore, we can surely be certain that the Lord will appear and return to this earth for a period of time before the final end of the world (6).

Stefano Gobbis Circular Letters (2002-2011) English Annual Circular Letters from Fr. . Teachings on the Era of Pece as revealed to Fr.


Fr. . Other Divine Will Messages Contained In Father Gobbis Book; To The Priests Our Ladys Beloved Sons (Blue Book) Message 173, Paragraph H When the Father decided to place his Word in my virginal womb, He found your Mother ready to welcome Him with love and joy, being only intent upon the perfect fulfillment of the Divine Will .

. Quartilio Gabrielli (2012-2013) Spanish Annual Circular Letters from Fr.


The mission given to Fr Gobbi is confirmed by him at Fatima in October 2010, when Pope Benedict XVI had already consecrated all the Priests of the world to Immaculate Heart of Mary on the 12 th May 2010 in Fatima.

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Gobbi received from Our Blessed Mother between 1973 and.
The book, To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons, is the instrument that has spread the Marian Movement of Priests to every part of the world.



He was ordained a priest in 1964 and belonged to the. 2018 Johannesburg, South Africa. Fr.

Starting in July 1973 Fr. Gobbi and to promote the Marian. O. Rev. "Pro manuscripto. by Fr Stefano Gobbi Jan 1, 1997.

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If there is Holy Mass, the recommendations are as follows (as done by Fr. Stefano Gobbi was born in Dongo (province of Como, Italy) on March 22, 1930.

To the priests, Our Lady's beloved sons.

The messages in this book were received by Don Stefano Gobbi.

(1973 1997; 18th Printing) Year 1989 Number 404 406 Pertinent passages (but, DO read all the rest.

Trade paperback (no ISBN stated).

Stefano Gobbi began to note down some limpid and strong thoughts which sprang up in his soul.