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It offers superior speed, precision, and quality of cut compared with other forms of cutting.

. Resonator Wattage 4500 Watt Max Sheet Size 5' x 10' X Axis Travel 120.

Supporting Australian manufacturers nationally for over 50 years, our laser cutting Melbourne services also provides in-house technical support including CAD design and.

The company boasts of its global competitiveness and has multiple subsidiaries selling laser cutting machines.

Epilog&39;s high-speed CO2 laser machines come in a variety of configuations to fit your budget and application processing needs. Deal. SAVE 2,000.


. 5W Output Power Laser Cutter, for Wood, Metal, Acrylic. 25" (336 mm).

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Bring your material and design to put our lasers (and laser experts) to the test.

Whatever laser cutting project you have in mind, contact the MetalWorks team.

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(8) AU 33999. The LF1390 is a fully enclosed fiber laser machine with a 1300x900mm bed and LF1313 has 1300x1300mm bed.

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Its very easy to assemble and it has a good build quality.

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Request a Quote. VEVOR CNC 3040 15000MW CNC Machine 395 (X) x 285 (Y)Mm Effective Working Area 3040 CNC Router Machine GRBL Control CNC Laser Engraver Machine with 2 Axis Milling Router. P. For both fiber lasers (ideal for cutting steel, aluminium, copper, brass and other metals). Resonator Wattage 4500 Watt Max Sheet Size 5' x 10' X Axis Travel 120. This technique can be used on materials such as metals, wood, timber, plexiglass, corrupted plastic, laser cut acrylic and rubber.


View Listing. If youre looking for Metal Laser CuttingTube Laser CuttingSteel Laser.

Nova51 Laser cutting machine Work area 1300x900mm, Laser power100-130Watt Nova 63 from 20900 Nova63 Laser cutter Work area 1600x1000mm, Laser power 100-130Watt.



Build layered 3D models, cut out gears, create lace patterns, and so much more Laser Cutting.

CO2 lasers are used for industrial cutting of many materials from titanium and stainless steel to mild steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, and paper.