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On the contrary, blend refrigerants are a combination of two or more single component refrigerants that are carefully formulated and composed to strengthen or compensate for certain properties.

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4 10 -12. Critical pressure and temperature of R32 are 850 kPa and 6. Common refrigerants temperature pressure chart (kPa absolute) All data is provided using NIST REFPROP Version 9.

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Refrigeration effect decreases with the increase in condenser temperature. 0 and 9.

It includes calculations for all major refrigerant.


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77-66 0. Refrigeration effect decreases with the increase in condenser temperature. R410A.

Measuring the pressure of R134A refrigerant on a. 80&176;F. Increases in COP, or efficiency, were up to 5 higher than the R-410A baseline. Both R410A and R32 have very similar boiling point. Refrigerant Boiling Point. .

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With R-32, an inverter driven compressor will run more slowly to achieve the same capacity as R-410A, meaning a large drop in power consumption. Value.

Refrigerant Slider, now a part of Ref Tools, helps you quickly calculate the pressure-to-temperature ratio for more than 80 refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as ammonia and transcritical CO 2.

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