So in this post,here are ten examples of uncommonly used Filipino words,counting from ten to one 10.

However, you wouldnt hear any.

KILIG To have butterflies in ones stomach, to be on cloud 9. 2.

KILIG To have butterflies in ones stomach, to be on cloud 9.

Kahiman although; even if; even.

And just like "bagaman --> bagama&39;t" I always encounter it in a form of "kahima&39;t" in a sentence . . .

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A quick Google search on the top fruits in the Philippines will usually show you a list of Spanish words instead. . .

English translation Headset. bihir.

agam-agam - doubt.

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. English Tagalog He shifted in his seat and wiped his mouth nervously, which was a rare show of his anxiety.

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Example Ay mog sgeg lantugi sa imong uyab brad, mag.
English to Tagalog translation.

The English word "rare" can be translated as the following words in Tagalog Best translation for the English word rare in Tagalog mad a lang adjective rare;.


This language binds us as one. Filipinos love to be in love, which perhaps explains why there are so many words to describe the feeling. .

This is one of the most used among these weird Tagalog words with no English translation. that I know 1. Sample translated sentence She rarely goes out on Sundays. Aug 12, 2016 5. ph are beautiful, irreverent,. Sep 14, 2018 Filipino Vocabulary is one of widest, strangest, and subtle vocabulary.


Kalinaw (n. English to Tagalog translation.


Kinahihinatnan is a Filipino word that means result or consequence.

Jan 21, 2022 If you havent heard of these words, then welcome to the club Indeed, we can be strangers even to our own language.