Academic Probation.

Any student who fails to meet the requirements of SAP while on probation will become ineligible for financial aid until they have met all SAP requirements.

A student on academic probation is directed as to what academic outcome they are expected to attain in the subsequent term to continue enrollment. UWSP wants all students to succeed and encourages students to access the campus resources that are available to help them thrive.

850 and on probation would be eligible to compete since the NCAA requirement is greater than 1.


Students on probation may not compete in intercollegiate athletics. . If you are granted a financial aid probation semester, you are expected to make SAP.


. ). 00 GPA) may petition to take up to 21 semester hours of work during the semester and up to 12 semester hours in the summer.

Good Standing - Total GPA is 2. Must repeat three or more major courses to meet the "B" average (3.

Good Standing - Total GPA is 2.


. Graduate Diploma.

An undergraduate student of the Faculty of Business Administration must maintain a Program Grade Point Average (PGPA) of 65 or higher, as a 65 PGPA is the average that is required to graduate from the BBA or Diploma. Academic Probation.

Students who complete the University Honors Program academic requirements and achieve at least a cumulative 3.
CS 537 Interactive Computer Graphics.
Good Standing - Total GPA is 2.

There are four categories of class level Undergraduate, Graduate, Law and Other.

if these credits have not already been used to obtain an academic degree.

Cleared Probation Achieved when cumulative GPA increases to 2. Academic Probation. Graduate Procedures and Requirements.

UW-Stevens Point students must demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in all three areas of GPA, Pace (67 Rule), and Maximum Timeframe (150 Rule) in order. . . Academic Progress; Probation; Grade Scale; Grade Point Average; Grade Appeal; Leave of Absence; Special Grades; Grade Change;. 500 grade point average earn the designation of University Honors Scholar. Typically, this means that they have not been meeting GPA expectations.

0 or better.

7, 2022 deadline. 7 cumulative GPA is required for students who have not earned 23 credits.

What is Academic Probation You will be placed on Academic Probation when any of the following three conditions occur You earn a term GPA below 1.

The pathways program requires successful completion of 36 credits, including foundational courses.

A student can only be on Academic Warning one time.


In order to maintain good academic standing each semester, students must earn at least 12 credits and a 2.