Click Commit to activate the configuration.

For information on show system configuration rescue, see Junos OS System Basics and Services Command Reference. (Not all options are used.


your choosing.

When using "show system configuration rescue" the string host-name is there, but empty. Autorecovery information must be initially saved using this command for the autorecovery feature to verify integrity of data on every bootup. .

These settings are typically configured in web.

Potentially, you could stash files in vartmp and restore them using the above. Mar 24, 2012 Solution. .

The edit system configuration hierarchy is not available on QFabric. testfw-srx-2> show system configuration rescue.



To set the current active. May 3, 2023 Setup preserves custom configurations in the following way Setup creates a backup of the existing files.

Here are the steps for using the rescue configuration in Juniper JUNOS 1. The request system zeroize command deletes the configuration and license information, logs, and so on.

Explain In order to enter global configuration mode, the command configure terminal, or a shortened version such as config t, must be entered from privileged EXEC mode.
Save the most recently committed configuration as the rescue configuration so that you can return to it at any time by using the rollback command.
It will prevent a commit from happening.

You create a rescue configuration to define a known working configuration or a configuration with a known state that you can roll back to at any time.


userrouter save rescueB. A network administrator enters the service password-encryption command into the configuration mode of a router. Load and activate the desired configuration contentcopy zoomoutmap.

It uses the copy stored in the varswpkg directory. B. Creating and Returning to a Rescue Configuration. . Question No 7 What will the request system configuration rescue save command accomplish A. Clears all saved autorecovery information.


What will the request system configuration rescue save command accomplish A. ) CCNA 1 v7.




There are two different ways to factory reset a device.

Enter single-user mode with boot -s.